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If you're selling on Amazon, account suspension is your biggest hurdle. When you receive a notification that your account has been suspended, you need to act on it. However, considering how tricky suspensions are, you need to restore your account quickly and resolve the issue using the best solution – Kingsman Services is the place to go to fix Amazon accounts unexpected or Amazon account suspensions. helps in solving problems and avoids waste of time, money, and effort.




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Your account was suspended due to poor sales or inappropriate practices. Not to worry, Kingsman Services will take care of it. We have the expertise to thoroughly investigate the reasons for your account suspension. Upon a clear understanding of the issues, we take appropriate action and set up two-way communication with Amazon to discuss and bring your account back online. We help you avoid legal and technical issues with Amazon policies and take care of them personally. Our team communicates with Amazon and drafts a proposal for redesigning and making changes to your online store on Amazon. Professionally prepared reporting and prompt action are one of the key features of Kingsman Services.


Our Suspension Protection Program

Kingsman Services, the Best account Reinstatement Service Provider in India, provides a full range of services related to Amazon, Flipkart, and ajio:

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Account creation failed

Seller accounts can be suspended at the very first stage - during account creation. Allow our team to assist you from getting verified to setting up and listing your account so you can start selling in no time.

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poor seller performance

Amazon puts a lot of focus on customer service, so poor seller performance can get your account suspended. Our team of experts will help you build an effective appeal to Amazon with a plan of action to ensure that your rates remain within acceptable limits.

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Violation of Amazon Policies

Suspensions due to violations of Amazon policies are often vague, so sellers usually don't know how to fix the problem. Get help from our team. Performs a thorough account review to identify issues, develop a corrective action plan, and establish processes that ensure your account remains active.

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IP Grievance Redressal

Copyright, trademark, and patent infringements not only take away your Amazon selling privileges; They also have legal implications. We have a team of knowledgeable IP lawyers who can withdraw the complaint and submit an Amazon legal appeal if you have received a notification from Amazon alleging that your intellectual property rights have been violated, allowing you to regain access to your account.

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Brand Protection

With the rise of counterfeiters and hijackers, it is essential to take all measures to protect your brand. We will help you file copyright, trademark, and patent for your brand. From evaluation to drafting cease and desist letters, filing violation reports, and setting up preventive measures, we'll be with you through the entire process.

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Recovery of Damages

If you are accused of selling a counterfeit product, Amazon may immediately suspend your listing or your seller account entirely. Our legal experts will help you file legal claims and recover damages from brands that have filed false complaints.

Why choose Kingman Services for Account

customized package

Custom packages based on account suspension case, account status and more. Packages tailored to your needs.

Sure result

We have reinstated 500+ suspended accounts. Our suspension appeal service or reinstatement services will ensure that your suspended account is reinstated quickly.

Suspension appeal

Has your account been suspended? Don't panic! We'll help you work out the best plan of action for account recovery with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Effective action plan

The purpose of the appeal letter prepared by our team is to outline the root cause of account suspension and will take relevant steps for reinstatement.