A+ Listing services for Amazon

A+ content helps increase the overall sales of a product.

Amazon A+ Listing is a unique tool inside Seller Central that allows brand owners to create beautifully designed Amazon product descriptions for their Amazon listings. Formally known as Enhanced Brand Listing, A+ Listing is available for brand-registered third-party sellers and all vendors.




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What is Amazon A+ Listing?

Amazon A+ listing refers to a listing product description, which helps sellers to share their brand story with enhanced image and video content features. Using such sellers can change the product description of their branded Amazon Standard Identification Number with the help of rich text and video embedded in the product description.

Using A+ Listings, you can dive into features with additional rich content including technical specifications, comparative product information, and images, videos, or product setups. You can also run A/B tests to optimize for conversions using our Manage Your Experiments tool.


Benefits of A+ listing

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Tell your brand story

This type of unique content gives you the opportunity to sell the customer not only your product but also your brand. Coming across as a genuine brand people can trust can help you build a loyal customer base to encourage repeat business.

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Minimize Returns and Negative Reviews

A+ listings also give you the opportunity to talk about your product in more detail, and adding images and infographics to your description will give customers a better understanding of what your product is, how it works, and how it can benefit them. Will happen.

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Show product with customizable modules

Amazon allows you to add multiple images and modules to your description which really helps you stand out from the crowd. 17 different module options allow you to showcase your product from every possible angle.

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increase your conversion rate

According to a study conducted by Amazon, the average conversion rate increases by 5 to 6% when using an A+ content description. Let's say 10% of people convert from each visit to your product catalog.

  • What is Amazon A+ Listing?

    A+ Content is a premium option that allows sellers to customize the product description of their branded ASINs by including rich text, video, and images. The purpose of integrating rich multimedia content is to improve the user experience, which leads to higher conversions and more traffic to the listing.

  • A+listing helps you capture the attention of your customers. Provides a complete digital shopping experience A+ ingredients act as digital sales and customer service staff. Better content increases consumer confidence, lowers returns, and keeps customers satisfied.

  • A+ materials have no direct cost. This is a facility offered to professional sellers who have registered as brand owners under the Amazon Brand Registry.

  • Affirmatively we do! We work as real partners and are there whenever support or any kind of maintenance is requiredThere are some restrictions and some guidelines for A+ listing:

    Avoid using blurry and low-quality images

    Avoid any promotional references or words like "Giveaway", "Bonus", "Freebies" etc.

    Do not use any link that redirects customers outside of the Amazon Marketplace.

    Always make sure you check grammar and spelling