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Responsive, functional, technical everything is cool. What else is required?

We understand that matching technicality with creativity is not an easy task to do, but if successful, it becomes a win-win. For developing a human-friendly interface along with eye-catching theme, we focus to deliver SEO-smart and robust WordPress Web Development Services in Patna, Bihar.

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Custom WordPress Website Development

We are backed up by our skilled in-house WordPress experts who are process-driven as well as their innovative approach fixes all the issues complexities that come along.

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Theme Development and Customization

The idea of theme development is to create and modify the appearance and functionality of your website’s user interface. It involves designing and implementing of visual design of the website as well.

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WordPress Plugin Development Services

As a WordPress website development company, we have highly skilled coders to integrate plugins for developing a wide range of features and functionality in your websites.

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Blog Development

Our experts are involved in development of WordPress blog themes at the best market price. We focus on developing engaging and eye-catching blogs that are highly scalable.

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API Integration and Customization

To extend the capability of your WordPress website you can opt for API Integration services. We ensure flawless data synchronization as well as mobile app integration services with your website.

Fuel Your Brand’s Digital Presence with Us

Opt Kingsman as your WordPress Web Development Company in Patna!

As a WordPress website development services provider, we offer professional experts on each project and focus on each complexity. We tend to deliver highly optimized SEO-smart WordPress solutions within the timeline.

Our developers follow strategies and clean coding practices to maintain the standard of our company. We can ensure secure delivery of your project within the decided time and budget. With us, you can choose a project-based model or developers to manage your project independently.

We also offer WordPress e-commerce website development to boost sales over e-commerce platforms. Our WordPress website developer focuses on user-friendly design, mobile optimization, secure checkout, multiple payment options, fast loading time, customer support, marketing, promotion, etc.


Why Choose Kingsman Services?

Result-Driven Outputs

All the websites we develop are highly optimized with a fast load rate. The process our WordPress web designer follows to design a custom-based WordPress website is seamless, clean, and coherent, enhancing overall conversion rate and user engagement.

SEO-Smart Web Solutions

For brand visibility, it is vital for us to focus on SEO solutions as well. The SEO implementations involve a range of tactics like keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and more. We craft heading tags, meta tags, image optimization, Alt text, etc., to kickstart brand appearance without additional effort.

Clean, Clear and Functional Website

We use suppressed codes and intelligent frameworks that produce a functional website. This implies that website would have less load time, web page functions would work frictionless and the contents would be clearly visible to the end users.


We tend to follow the best practice for our WordPress website development services. The agenda is to create a website that comes up with fewer hurdles and is easy to maintain. By removing any hardcore gaps or unethical customizations we successfully achieve the target within the alloted time.

Tech for Non-Tech

Because of its user-friendly environment, WordPress rules around 40% of the internet. It’s not a hidden truth that more than 90% users out there are non-technical. WordPress gives an opportunity to develop a user-interactive platform. On top of that, as a WordPress web Development Company, we create sites that are user-friendly, have a simple interface and are interactive.

Upgradable and Secure

We all want to keep ourselves up with time. Hence, our WordPress web designer develops websites that are easy to upgrade according to the market trend. As a reliable WordPress website development company, we concentrate on the security of the sites more than anything. We follow correct file permissions, spam protection, configuration settings, form validations, etc in order to construct the sites cyber-attack-proof.

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WordPress Development: Expectations VS Reality

In case if you are planning not to heir WordPress website developer, and build a website on your own, let us go through some reality check.

Expectation: WordPress is Easy

Reality: Well, that is true, but it is a little bit steeper than most people could imagine.

It is easy if you have a clear basic concept of WordPress and want to develop a general website that looks like 100 others out there. But if you desire for a unique identity for your brand over the internet, then a basic one can’t fulfill that dream.

Solution: It’s simple! Time to make a list of WordPress development companies. By doing so, the burden will shift shoulders and the WordPress website developer can do the same job in a perfect way.

Expectation: WordPress is Free

Reality: Yes it is! But developing a fully functional site might not.

There are other great site builders like Divi, WPBakery, and Elementor to ease WordPress development, but again they are not free.

There are 53,000 + free WordPress plugins. Are the highest plans free? No!

Plus, 100 other things aren’t free along with a suitable website domain.

What’s the solution?

Isn’t it logical to pay a little bit of extra penny to an expert when you are already paying a lot of hidden costs? Hiring a WordPress web designer is an optimal solution for it. The developers out there are well-trained and know how to recover the invested amount by setting their foot in the right corner.

Expectation: WordPress is Scalable

Reality: We don’t deny the fact that it is not. You can create WordPress e-commerce websites and other SEO sites plus manage them, or you could expand your current website according to your brand’s needs.

But the thing is, it suffers from a ripple effect. It is possible that even adding a small element to a page can make a major change on another page. Formly you won’t be able to realize that, but later on, it could be a chief problem. The users can shift to your competitors because of your site’s bad UI/UX.


Expert help! If you are new at WordPress you can’t know it all. But shaking hands with someone who does is a smart move. WordPress website development services are out there. All you need is to find out a reliable WordPress web development company.

With a professional hand, you can create multiple plugins, and third party integrations, and scale your website without any time waste.

Expectation: SEO is Not My Problem

Reality: Well, it might be if you ignore comprehensive SEO campaigns.

When it comes to CMS WordPress shares 61.8% market. It offers all sorts of possibilities for effective and efficient SEO. There are popular WordPress plugins like Yoast, W3 Total Cache, and Smush.

But they don’t run by themselves.

The money investment could be huge to make them result-oriented.

The Solution …

Go for SEO experts with website development experience who are trained to integrate SEO tools into your website.

Expectations: The Security Is Not My Genre to Handle

Reality: Sorry, but that’s a little hard to follow.

You are opting a 3rd party apps and plugins for your website. You get a frequent update, but due to some reasons, you delayed the update by one day. What you are not getting here is your website is exposing to risk for those 24 hours.

Either leave your entire important task and give your complete focus to WordPress website full time, or expose your site to hackers.


Let handle the full-time task to the full-timers. Search for few WordPress development companies, choose someone you can trust, and leave the task to the expert.

Their services don’t just cover the development part but are bounded to serve features like constant support, update, security management, and more.